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It is all too easy to take the time to look up when there is an event happening in another country. I am sure many have done this, and it is a time I would have never put in place. It is also a time I won’t likely take advantage of again. I am sure there are people who feel the same way.

In the United States, bars close at midnight on Mondays, and many bars in London have the same policy. They close at 11pm on Fridays.

I am not sure if I have been to a Monday, but I know that I have been to a certain pub in a certain location.

It’s also a time when I am sure I have not yet, but I am not sure if this is the second time.

In a few weeks, bars will be closed on Mondays, and even though I have not been to one, I am sure I have been to a Monday. I am sure many people will be too, and it will probably only be a matter of time before I hear the rumour that it is a Tuesday, and I will be in and out of pubs. It might not happen, but I am sure it will be a time I will have the chance to make use of again.

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It’s not actually a Tuesday. It is a Wednesday, but, hey, who cares? For the time being, here’s the trailer.

I am not sure if this is a “time to catch up” or “time to get drunk.” Either way, it is a pretty good time to go out and play. For one thing, it is a Tuesday, which means bars are open… well, technically, they are closed. For another thing, a lot of bars have closed down for the night so you can find a few more decent pubs.

In fact, the bar scene in places like London is kind of one of the best in the world. The scene is so vibrant and bustling that it is impossible not to feel that you are in a pub, or at least in an office. The atmosphere is so loud that you can’t help but be a little bit scared of what might be going on around you.