what is cash price


cash price is the price a seller charges for a property if it sells to them at a certain date.

There is another way of looking at this. If you pay a certain price for a property and it sells at a certain date, you know that the seller has already paid the exact amount for the property and the price you paid is the actual cash price. In other words, if you paid $1,000 for a home and it sold for $1,000 on September 30, it is the sale price. The seller has already sold it at that specific price.

This is one of the biggest differences between real estate and trading. Real estate is a commodity that you own in the hands of a person. If you give someone a house in your name, or a car which has been paid for, the seller has already paid for the property. If you have a house and it sells for $100,000,000,000, and the seller still has it, they have already paid the $100,000,000$ for it.

In real estate, that doesn’t happen. The seller doesn’t know what else to pay in exchange for the property, so they pay a specific price for it. In trading, this is not the case. The seller pays the price. A house sells for $1.2 million, and the seller pays a 1.2 million.

This is where the “cash price” comes in. In real estate, the price is fixed, but in trading, the price is not yet fixed. You may have a house for 100,000,000, but your trade partner has a house for 100,000,000, and you pay a 1.2 million.

Exactly. While I like having a lot of cash on hand myself, I don’t think that the price is fixed. It depends on the terms of the deal. For example, when I buy a house, I might have some cash saved up, and I may decide to pay the cash price before the house arrives, but that’s because the house has arrived before I did.

In general, I think that the price is fixed. In fact, it’s fixed for all of trading. It’s a matter of how many houses you can get on the same trade terms. If there are several houses on the same trade terms, the price will remain the same. If there are only one or two houses on the same trade terms, then the price will go up.

I think that there is a great deal of truth to this, if you can’t see it. A fixed price is one where the exact amount is determined by how many houses there are on the same trade terms. There are some things that are a lot more important than the price of a house, in my opinion. Like the importance of the house itself. For example, I live in a really nice house.

A house is not worth a lot of money. A house is not worth anything if there is no one to live in it. But here in America, a house is a place to live, and a lot of people do just that.