what does sh mean in text


sh is a word that can mean sh*t.

“Sh” in text means something like “hurry” or “soon”.

I can’t tell you what sh means in text though because I don’t know what it is, but I can tell you that it’s probably something that is in text.

Sh is probably a word in text that is similar to the word sleep. In fact, I’d like to see the word sleep come to the text world.

That would be an awesome thing to see. It would be great if we could get a word that is similar to the word sleep in text. It would be a great addition to the dictionary.

Sleep seems like a great word to add to the dictionary. It’s a really nice word, and we’re not sure how much we’d be adding to the dictionary if we did. We’re excited though to see what words you can come up with that are similar to sleep.

What do you mean by sh? Well, sh means something like “sleep,” but sh also means something like “sleepy.” That would be pretty cool. We would love to see sh come to the text world.

sh refers to the time of day. So sh means time of day. Also, sh is the same as the word sleep in text. sh also means sleepy.

sh is a word that we are happy to have come up with. As we said, sh means time of day and the time of day is the most important word in any text. In this case, sh is the time of day which we know as night, but it is not just the time of day, it is the time of night.sh is something that is not just time of day. Sometimes sh is synonymous with sleep. But sh is not just time of day.

This word is not very common but it has become much more common since we started using it. So sh is a very useful word that we would like to see more of. Sh is not a word that people would normally expect to see in text, but it is a word that is easily understandable and when used correctly, can make the text flow more logically.