suicide as a sort of present


This is a controversial topic and to be honest with you, I really don’t like to discuss it. When I was alive, I could look both ways with my eyes wide open and I could walk away from a suicide as if it never happened.

Suicide is a bad thing. It’s a very, very bad thing. It’s a very, very bad thing to do to another human being. In fact, many of our ancestors didn’t like suicide so much because they believed killing oneself in order to avoid death was wrong. This is why many of the more primitive cultures of the world thought it was a sin. But even in modern times, people still think it’s a sin to kill yourself.

Even though the idea of suicide is pretty well established, the fact is that it is not a very prevalent idea. Most people believe in atonement, but suicide is not an option. However, there are a few individuals who think it is okay to kill themselves.

However, it is not okay to kill yourself. That is something that has taken a lot of people by surprise. It is something that most people think is not allowed in this world. It is something that has been a topic of discussion for as long as there have been people. But people have been doing it for thousands of years before it was ever an issue. It is a concept that has been around for very much longer than we can remember.

It’s like when you’re in basic training and someone in charge of your training is talking about how dangerous it is that you jump on a plane, you know what? It’s dangerous. If you were to jump off a plane, you’d be dead.

Suicide is a thing. There is a certain way to die, a certain way to be gone. We can go to the bathroom, we can go to the bathroom, we can go to the bathroom, we can go to the bathroom, we can go to the bathroom, we can go to the bathroom, we can go to the bathroom, we can go to the bathroom, we can go to the bathroom, we can go to the bathroom and we can go to the bathroom.

There is the time and again when we talk about the dangers of suicide. Most of us, however, have no idea just how dangerous suicide truly is. For some, it is a way to live out their wildest dreams, a way to escape their demons. For others, it is a way to get away from a life that is failing them. It is a way to feel alive and to be free. For most, it might just be the last thing they want to do.

Suicide is an option that we often choose when we lose something or someone we love. That person or thing is no longer in our lives, and we are left with a choice between losing it or losing ourselves. Whether we are truly living or not is completely up to each person, their own personal situation, and their own desire to live. As a society, we would all be better off if we stopped forcing everyone to live in this way.

I think it’s quite possible that the majority of suicides are, in fact, a product of people getting rid of the things they want most in life. There are millions of people that are unhappy with their lives and that would like to make that unhappiness stop. For example, a person might want to live in a comfortable house or apartment but would be unhappy about the cost of living in it, or the fact that they can’t afford to buy it themselves.

For many people, suicide is a way of ending their lives because they feel they have no choice. It’s also a way of dealing with the things they don’t like in their lives. There are people that want to die because they don’t like to be in the public eye because they want to be with their family. A good friend of mine has a website called “I am not worth the attention I get”.