should we out misery: Expectations vs. Reality


I’ve been in a lot of pain for a long time. Sometimes it’s the pain of a broken bones, a busted arm, a torn ACL, a torn quad, a torn meniscus, a broken vertebra, or a shattered hip. These are all things that can and do happen to people, although it’s hard to imagine what it would feel like to suffer those kinds of injuries.

And then there are times when it feels like it’s the pain of being a human being. That can be the pain of the loss of a loved one, the pain of a serious illness or injury, or the pain of being so injured that it doesn’t feel possible to move.

I think one of the most common, yet least understood, forms of pain is the pain of being injured. In my case, I was shot in the chest by a policeman and ended up in the hospital. As a result of the broken vertebra, I have been unable to walk since the day I was shot. Although it is difficult to imagine the pain of being injured, it is an unknown, yet real pain.

Pain is one of the most common, yet least understood, forms of suffering. People often think that their greatest suffering is the things that they don’t understand. I mean, they have no idea how much pain lies within their own souls or the pain that they feel is so difficult to acknowledge.

Pain has no real name, but there is a name for pain that is often associated with death. I think this is what we’re experiencing now. Being injured, but also suffering due to the pain of that injury. The pain I’m feeling is a form of suffering that I have no power over. The pain itself has no power over me. I can feel it, but it’s not real. It’s a phantom pain that is coming from somewhere deep inside of me.

I think a lot of people are feeling pain because of the pain of being injured. But for some reason we’ve forgotten that pain is a physical thing. We are so conditioned to think that it’s all in our heads and if we don’t pay attention to it, then it will go away. It’s not like when you get a bad stomach ache and you just sit around and cry and drink water until you feel better, because that’s not a physical thing.

In other words, pain is not something that you feel but something that you do. Which is great because it means that the cause of the problem isn’t where you are right now but elsewhere in your head. So maybe what you should be thinking about instead is “should I out misery?”.

If you think about it, the best thing you can do is be aware of what’s causing the pain in your head. And if the pain is only a thought, you probably shouldn’t see a doctor to try to figure out what the problem is. Instead, see a doctor to deal with the problem, and if it’s a physical problem, go to the hospital. Otherwise, you probably shouldn’t see a doctor.

One thing I’ve learned about pain is that it isn’t always caused by an actual physical pain. Sometimes pain is caused by a thought that you have in your head. Pain is a thought. It’s not something that can be directly felt. It’s a thought that you have.

That’s why its important to tell the doctor if the pain is caused by a thought (like pain from a headache) or a physical pain (like from a fever). Most people get their pain from thinking they have a medical problem. Instead of just getting some pain meds, they take a pill. In this case, that pill is an opiate (usually prescribed by a doctor). With an opiate, you get high and it makes you feel better.