rocking the cradle


It is all so normal. We sit at our desk, we write a blog post, we email our friends, we talk on the phone. We watch movies, we read books, we play board games. We listen to music, we attend class, we attend meetings, we drive to work.

If we are to become human then we will have to become whole again. We will have to learn to live again, to find our place in the world, to love ourselves, and to find our purpose in life. We need to find the answers we have been avoiding.

It is true that all of these things happen for a reason. It is also true that we are not meant to be here in the first place. We are not meant to be sitting at our computer desk, reading blogs, emailing our friends, or talking to people on the phone. We are not meant to be watching TV or playing games. We are not meant to be listening to music or attending class. We are not meant to be listening to lectures or attending meetings.

Some of this may seem like a long process of discovery or some sort of spiritual journey. But it is actually a process of self-knowledge. In order to experience “life,” we must first realize that our lives have a purpose. We must learn to find that purpose, even if it is in a different way than we have typically seen in our daily lives. One of the things that has helped me to understand this is to read the philosophy of the Catholic Church.

What this means is that when we start to examine our lives, we must start by looking at our relationships. If we have a job, we must look to see if our job is fulfilling the purpose that we have for it. If we have a marriage, we must investigate the nature of our marriage and see what our relationship is serving. If we have a family, we must look at our family and see if we are serving the purpose for which they were built.

This is the way of life, my friend. This is the way of the church. This is the way of all our relationships. So if we are looking for meaning or purpose, we must look at the relationships that we have. If we are looking at our jobs, then we must understand that they are not fulfilling. If we are looking at our marriages, our families, our relationships, then we must make sure that we are serving the purpose that we have created for ourselves with them.

We are constantly seeking answers to questions about the purpose of our lives, and the purpose of the relationship we have with our spouse if we’re a Christian, with our children if they are a Christian, with our friends if they are a Christian, with the purpose of this life in general if we’re not a Christian, and with our future if we are a Christian.

The way to serve a purpose for our lives is by serving our spouses and children, by serving our friends, and by looking to the future and the future of the relationships we have. It’s not that we shouldn’t want to have children when we are young, it is that it is not the purpose of a child to be a parent. No purpose of a child is to be a parent.

While the idea of serving a purpose is important, serving the purpose of your life as a Christian and being a good Christian is even more important. Serving a purpose is not just a list of activities we all should do, but a list of actions we should do. The one thing we as Christians should strive to do is to be faithful to the point where we are not even sure what we are doing. In our life as Christians, we have to be committed to that.

In the Christian worldview, we are not just being called to be faithful. We are called to be everything that God wants us to be. We are called to be faithful to the point that God has told us that we must have a body, we must have a face, we must be healthy. That’s what we should be about.