What NOT to Do in the retardation synonym Industry


The word retardation was coined by psychologist John Edward Gray to describe the inability to stop and think about one’s actions. Now, as the title,’retardation’ is used to describe anyone who has no awareness of their actions or actions that cause harm to others.

The term “retardation” is also used to describe the tendency to be impulsive. We might have thought of this as “impulsive stupidity,” but now it’s used as a synonym for, “lazy behavior.” But we’re not just lazy; we’re the lazy kind. One of the biggest things that has changed in society over the last 150 years is that people of all ages are starting to think about consequences.

This is because they have the excuse of being lazy, and thus, this is often a good excuse to use. A lot of people are lazy when they go to school, but as soon as they get home, they go to work. There is a lot of laziness that comes from wanting to do what they want when the consequences are not as bad as their behavior seems to suggest.

If you want to get a better understanding of why the word retardation is used as a synonym for lazy, look no further than my mother. I don’t know exactly what she thinks of me, but she knows that I have a habit of trying to do something even if it means ruining my life. I have a habit of taking things that could happen to me and doing them anyway.

I think what many people see in their parents is a pattern where laziness is seen as a bad thing. It’s how lazy people think that makes them lazy.

I find it interesting that even though the word laziness is used so often as a synonym for lazy, often the word lazy is not used as a separate word. I also think that people are often lazy in the same way that they are lazy in that they would rather not do anything. Their laziness is usually the fault of something else.

The lazy person is someone who takes their laziness for granted. The person who is lazy is that person who doesn’t take responsibility for anything. I would imagine laziness and laziness are often viewed as synonymous.

The lazy person is a person who is lazy in that they take for granted the things that are not important. They take their laziness for granted because they are not held accountable for what is important. The lazy person is usually someone who has no one to blame but themselves. They are always blaming themselves for things that are not their fault.

The lazy person is not necessarily a bad person, but this lazy person is typically the person that is unresponsive to a problem. The lazy person usually seems to be incapable of being responsible for things. The lazy person may be the person who is lazy because they are lazy about taking responsibility.

A lazy person is someone who is easily distracted by something or someone that is not their fault. The lazy person is someone who does not take the time to reflect on the problem that they are causing and thus acts on instinct rather than thinking critically. The lazy person is usually the person who has a problem in life that is not their fault. These people are usually not aware of what exactly they are doing.