12 Reasons You Shouldn’t Invest in remove title from wordpress page


A quick Google search turned up this awesome little app that allows you to remove a title from a wordpress page.

Okay, this is really good, but there’s one problem. When you use this app to remove a title, it removes the page title as well. This means that any links on that page that refer to the removed title are not going to work. And that’s not a big deal, because with the old, blank-titled version of the page still on the front page, you can always come back and fix it.

This is a little irritating because its a really easy fix. Just go to your wordpress page, click on the title, then click on the wordpress menu at the top. You’ll see an option to remove the wordpress title. If you choose that, the link will work – but not the page title. You can always fix that using a page refresh, but that’s not as much fun as removing the whole page title.

The reason the page title works is that wordpress is keeping the content of the page inside the tag. You can remove that by going to your wordpress page and clicking on the title. In addition, wordpress will automatically remove the wordpress title if you leave it in place. <br/>

As it turns out, the page title is keeping a lot of the content of the page inside the tag. In order to remove the page title, you would have to manually remove the tag. You can check to see if this is the case by going to your wordpress page and going to the page menu. To remove a tag, simply click on the tag. The name of the tag you want to remove will be listed in the tag list.

The wordpress website is keeping the title of the page even though it doesn’t have the tag. This can make for a very confusing situation if you have more than one page with the same title.

The most common reason why a tag is added to a page is because a lot of people are using the same title in the same wordpress theme. So if you change the title of one of your pages, then the page will automatically get the tag. If you want to remove the tag, you can simply click on the tag and it will remove the wordpress page title from the page you are currently on.

Another thing you can do is change the way your wordpress site displays the page title. You can also change the post content and the post title. So if you change the way your page displays the title, then it will automatically update the post title too.

To be fair, the title tag doesn’t come with any knowledge of what it’s doing. There’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself on a page that doesn’t really want a title tag. This is the point of the title tag, and it will almost certainly end up being a mess. A good rule of thumb is to try to leave your page title as short as possible.

Again, the title tag is a nice thing to have to keep in mind. It’s more than just a bit of text, it’s a way of introducing your page to the search engines. It’ll help your page score highly in search, and also helps to make your page stand out from the crowd. You can get a bit more into the details of the title tag in my article here.