promise token


I’m not a huge fan of promises because they tend to have a lot of weight attached to them. However, sometimes we can’t control when that weight is going to be lifted off of us and I think promises are one of those situations where we can lift off of them. This is one of those times.

The first promise made in Deathloop is from a young girl named Sarah, who is in love with Colt. A few things happen. One is the arrival of a new Visionary named Joss, who leads a rebellion against the Visionaries to overthrow Colt Vahn. The other thing that happens is that some Visionaries try to take over the party island, but Colt defeats them. They are then killed by Colt. While the rest of the party escapes, Sarah is put into a coma.

And then we find out that she is actually a promise token, named Sarah. By the time we get to the island she has gone to live with her father and have a daughter named Sarah. After the party island is attacked by Visionaries and Sarah is taken prisoner, she is freed and taken to the Visionaries’ base. After this, she is left to die and Colt does a little bit of sadistic revenge.

We’re not exactly sure what to make of this one. It’s one thing to be confused by the whole “promise” concept that Sarah is a promise token, and another to see it as a sign of Colt’s continuing interest in Sarah. It also seems like a lot of the promise tokens in the game are people Colt wants to kill, so maybe Colt just wants to kill it all. Maybe he wants to make out with Sarah and get her pregnant and then run away.

That, and Colt is a man of many surprises. Sarah is a promise token because she’s like a promise ring. He keeps on hitting on her and then after a few days he leaves her for a while, but then he comes back, and she’s all like, “He’s still hitting on me. Maybe I should take him up on his offer.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what promise tokens are all like, and maybe even why Colt wants to kill them. I’m a sucker for the story of a promise token, and I want to see some promise tokens get their comeuppance. The first one is a very nice introduction to the game’s story. Colt has been trying to destroy Visionaries, but he’s been unable to kill them.

Now I can’t believe I’d forgotten about this game yet another time. I have soooo many questions. For one, who is the Visionary? Is Colt’s partner (for now) also a Visionary? I just want to see this game come to life.

I’m not sure how I feel about the game yet. But when I am done I’ll definitely play it. And yes, I need to play it soon. There are still a lot of unanswered questions.

A lot of people have been hoping for a new Arkane title for a while. The Arkane brand was a big part of the company for much of the ’90s, and it has a lot of potential. The fact that deathloop is a stealth game makes it all the more interesting, and if the Arkane guys manage to get an RPG together with a lot of story I’m sure it’ll be pretty cool.