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The Philly 76ers have always been one of the best teams in the NBA. They have a great young roster, and a top-notch coaching staff. They also have been very reliable all season, and this week they have been in the playoffs for the first time since 2009-2010. They are also very good at their home games, usually winning by double digits at these games. In order to win the playoffs, they have to sweep their opponents.

But something has changed since the team’s playoff run. I have noticed a lot of fans talking about a team called the Philadelphia 76ers. This team is not the 76ers. This team is a bunch of fans who live in Philadelphia and were upset by the team’s “Philadelphia” name.

In fact, this team was founded by fans who actually live in Philly. That’s why they’re mad at Philadelphia and have decided to go against the team’s name in a protest. So of course, they have a new name, the 76ers. They have adopted Philadelphia’s logo to become the #76ers. I also noticed that they have no jerseys, just these black and white shorts and maybe a t-shirt.

The 76ers have a brand new logo, but they are still not the 76ers. They have started out as the Philadelphia 76ers and are going to try and become the 76ers as a protest. Thats why they have changed their name to the 76ers. They have adopted the logo of the original team and are going to try and become the original Philadelphia 76ers who had a logo in the air.

It’s also why the team that uses their logo is the Philadelphia 76ers and not the 76ers as a protest or whatever other reasons. I mean, there’s no real protest going on. It seems that Philadelphia wants to use the word 76ers, just like they are a name they want to use to promote their NBA franchise. It appears to be a little like using the word Yankees as the name of a baseball team. That seems a little weird though.

The Philadelphia 76ers have always been considered a team that’s been too black to be a real NBA franchise. And they’ve had a logo on their uniforms since 1981 (to the tune of “Boomerang”) but only since 1991 did they officially become a real NBA franchise.

I was also a little confused by that. I thought the team was being referred to as the 76ers on the billboards and promo photos. I suppose it makes sense that it would be something else. Perhaps being the 76ers.

I think it makes more sense to be the 76ers. There isn’t much more of a team in terms of overall talent than the Sixers, so they’ve gotten the reputation of being more of a team in terms of basketball. That being said, the Sixers have never been one of my favorite teams and I think that their logo has a huge disconnect with a lot of fans. The logo is very simple, but the colors are weird and not consistent.