How to Explain paragraph abbreviation to Your Mom


I love using the abbreviation, paragraph, as it makes it easy to read through a long paper or essay. The abbreviation also makes it easier to find a specific point in a document.

As a person who is a lot of the time, I can’t help but use the abbreviation a lot. It’s not just a way to shorten words; it’s used for a very specific reason. When I type in a question, I’m not looking for the specific answer, I’m looking for the point of the question.

For example, I am often asked if it is true that we are all talking about the same thing. This is a logical fallacy: “I see, but what am I talking about?” So when I am looking for the answer, I look for the point of the question.

This is where the word abbreviation comes in. We are talking about the same thing, the same thing everyone is talking about. Its called “paraphrasing” in this instance (not the same as “parallelism” or “parallel analysis”), so when I look for the point of the question, I just take a different phrase and paste it into the text so that the question makes sense.

Paraphrasing is not the same as paraphrasing, so we don’t really see a point to this question.

I think that question is a little too vague to ask. It doesn’t specify what the point is, so it’s unclear what the question is asking for. The question is asking specifically the paraphrasing of a question, so it’s not really a question, but we can assume it’s a paraphrasing question.

If you want to know the answer to this question, then the answer is you should just write it down, and it will be the answer. I think this is where the question is a little bit too vague to ask for a simple answer.

“What is the purpose of this site” are two fairly general questions. A paraphrasing question is just saying what to paraphrase a question. If you were to write down the paraphrasing of that question, you could answer this question by saying, “You should write down what you were asked to paraphrase that question as well.” But you could also answer this question by writing it down, and would be able to give us a good answer to this question.

So I think the purpose of this site is to answer the two questions above. But the two questions are not really what the site is about. The answers aren’t necessarily going to be great, and I think that’s what separates this site from the rest of the Internet.

I think one of the reasons why this site has gotten so large is because it has asked the two questions above. The answers to the questions arent great, but the questions are really what this site is about.