12 Stats About nfl same game parlay picks to Make You Look Smart Around the Water Cooler


It’s one thing to predict the next big move in the National Football League draft, but it’s another to know what it is.

The draft is a huge deal. It’s the first step in the NFL’s yearly transition from the college game to the pros. It’s a big deal in that it brings teams together, separates talent from the rest of the league, and provides a venue for teams to sign free agents. But it’s also a big deal because it’s the last step of the process—the last step of the game to watch.

We want to know what teams are picking first, and how many of them are going to get first, and how many are going to be taken. It’s these things that we’re picking over the next month or so, and that’s what we’re making our big play for.

This is the second time we’ve had a major play in the NFL this February. The first time was the Steelers/Jets game in Week 8. The next was the Bills/Buccaneers game in Week 13. But this is the first time we’ve had a major parlay in a pro sport, a play that in and of itself could make a difference. We were the first non-NFL team to pick up a team that was going to be a playoff contender.

The parlay is how you get a team to pick up a playoff contender. There are other ways to do it, but it is usually done with some kind of trade or draft pick. It has been done a few times for the Saints after they beat the Falcons, but this is the first time weve tried it with a team that isn’t a divisional playoff contender.

We have been trying to parlay the Saints for a few years now, but have never been successful. Although we did receive a playoff-contending team in 2011 (the Jaguars), we found the experience to be frustrating. The Jaguars arent a team that is going to be a playoff contender, even if they just play a good game. They were also considered to be a “losing” team in the parlay.

It’s interesting that the parlay teams we got in 2012 werent the same team that we got in 2011. The parlay teams that we received in 2012 were the Saints, Chargers, and Seahawks, and all of their players were on the same parlay teams as the Saints and Chargers. Our parlay teams this year have been the Panthers, Bears, and Vikings.

My team, the Jaguars, are about as far from the Patriots as you can get. They dont even have their own stadium. They are a franchise that has been around for almost two decades. In 2011 the Patriots had the best winning percentage of any team in the NFL (56.71%) and only lost to the Jaguars twice in the playoffs. This year the Jaguars are dead even with the Patriots at 46.11%.

In all seriousness, the Jaguars are a team that is very easy to hate. Its a team that is built around the idea of “doing your job” while not really caring about winning and just trying to beat the guy sitting in the next chair. The Jaguars have their own version of that in place, with the head coach, coach, and owner on the same page.

The problem with the Jaguars is that they are so easy to hate that people sometimes don’t even notice that they hate each other. In fact, the fact that people don’t like each other is a little more interesting than the team itself. It’s like the difference between two people who hate each other without even knowing it; you can’t even tell.