Your Worst Nightmare About math.floor javascript Come to Life


Math.floor is a function that takes a variable and returns the number of times it is multiplied by 2. It is useful in conjunction with other functions for creating a list of numbers, for example.

This is pretty cool, and it is a great idea. However, I am not sure I understand how it works, other than being able to add up the numbers of an array. I know I can do it in javascript, but if something is easier to do in javascript, I like to know about it. For example, I am not a fan of string concatenation, so I wonder if I can just do this without string concatenation.

I think it is best to not include the javascript in the final HTML page, but you could easily wrap it in a small JavaScript file and include it in your HTML page. I think it would be less work, but you could always just put it in your header somehow.

Yes, that’s right. You can put it into your header. This is the perfect way to include it in your HTML page, because it will then be available for all users by default if you want to include it anywhere in your document.

Well I guess this could be a useful way to include it in your header. A little bit of javascript could be a good way to include some text that will be hidden without people noticing.

It would be better to make the content available to everyone in your document, but hey, you can just put it right there in the header.

If you are trying to hide text in a header, you can use

, because if you want to have hidden content, it needs to be within that div class.

Math.floor is a function that takes two numbers and returns a new number that is the floor of the first number. This has the effect of giving a number that is no smaller than, or equal to, the first number. To use it, simply put the first number after the closing curly brace.

You can use the same technique to make invisible text in your page. When you use this technique, the number you’re pulling from the document is the same as the first number after the closing curly brace.