11 Creative Ways to Write About i think you have the wrong number but feel free to send another


This is the number that i have listed to you.

For those of you that are getting emails like this, you are correct. This is the number that i have listed to you. This is my real number and i am happy to let you know that i am not a scammer.

I am so glad you are here. I love you. Please email me at [email protected] Please do not hesitate to call me. Thanks for your understanding.

You are correct. This is my actual number. However, I am trying to change it so that it is easier for you to find me.

If you are getting any emails like this, it is probably because an actual person calling you is not listed on your email list. It is still possible that you are not receiving a legitimate email, but if you have another number, and you are sending another friend, please email it to us so we can look into it.

The phone number that you are receiving emails from is a list of numbers. We have no way of knowing what number the emails are from, and they may or may not be legitimate. That being said, it’s possible that you are not receiving legitimate mail, and it is possible that you are not receiving emails either, and you should definitely contact us and see for yourself.

You should always contact us if you don’t think it is from a legitimate source.

In this case, I think it is a legit source. I am sure that we can get you the correct number, but I would rather not send you an email anyway. If you send an email, we will be sure to respond with a response.

It is always best to contact us when you get a legitimate email, and not just spam.