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A buffalo is a large, herbivorous animal that is one of the most prominent members of the bison family. Historically, the buffalo has had a long history of use in North America. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, the buffalo was largely hunted for its milk and meat, but was also used for leather and for making clothing.

The buffalo was used for its meat and leather, but its skin was also used for clothing. In the mid 19th century, it was considered a fashionable choice for women to wear.

Nowadays, the buffalo is often used for its meat, but also as a source of hides and rope. It’s also used for making leather for clothing. As a whole, its skin is used for rugs and blankets. The entire animal is considered a part of the American Indian culture, which made it a natural target for Native Americans to take on as a symbol of their identity.

The buffalo has been a symbol of the United States since it was first introduced to the country by European settlers in the late 18th century. But it is also used as a symbol of the Native Americans, who believed they were the original animals. As such, it has been a symbol of Native American culture for a very long time, and is closely related to the American Indian symbols.

The buffalo, which is called a bison or bison, is a member of the bovine family and has a long, flat horn. It is also one of the few large animals that is not primarily a vegetarian, having been domesticated for its use in agricultural production. In fact, the buffalo is one of the most commonly used animals for milk production, along with cattle and pigs.

The buffalo is one of the oldest domesticated animals, and its image is widely held as a symbol of both the “civilization” of the Native Americans that created the buffalo and the “civilization” of the Europeans who created the European settlers who eventually slaughtered and killed the buffalo. Both of these cultures were based on the belief that the buffalo represented the spirit of the natural world.

Buffalo is a staple of many Native American cultures as well as the Native American groups of Canada. In both, buffalo are commonly considered to be a representation of the fertility of the land and the natural world. In addition, buffalo are often depicted in the art of the Native American tribes as having a powerful healing power.

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