Why You Should Forget About Improving Your gdp per capita panama


The real question here is: how much do you think the GDP per capita of Panama is? The answer to that question seems to be “way too much”, so my guess is a lot. That being said, one thing that is worth noting is that Panama ranks in the top 5% of countries with the highest income inequality in the world.

Panama’s GDP is about 20% of its size, and it is one of the 5 countries with the highest inequality in the world. This is a staggering amount. According to the World Bank, the level of income inequality in the US is about equal to that in Japan.

The reason Panama ranks so high on the list of income inequality is because it is a very small country with very few people. Panama is the only country in the Western Hemisphere (and in Central America in general) with a population less than a million. This means that if you have a family of five people, then your average income is about $1,800 a month. It also means that, to an extent, you have to pay your taxes.

Well, you have to, but at a rate of about $30 for every person in the country. It’s a little bit higher than that in many countries on the list, and the tax rate is about the same as the average income in the US (about 10%). It is still higher than most countries in the list, but not as high as Panama’s.

While its a nice statistic, it also raises a couple of questions.


What about the fact that even though the average income in the United States is about 1,800 dollars per month, there are still over 5.7 billion people in the country. Most people don’t even have a US based bank account.2. What about the fact that the government spends about 2% of their GDP on welfare. And then spends another 3% on social security. 3.