Meet the Steve Jobs of the free drip fonts Industry


We get bombarded with words, ideas, and concepts all the time. It’s all part of life. That’s what I love about the internet.

I am a font-nerd. A nerd with a font fetish. And I have found a new place to hide my font fetish: free fonts. I actually made a small list of all the ones I like and used it to create this list of free fonts with links to download the fonts too.

I used to hide my font fetish in the back of my closet. I think its really time to come out and talk about it. I have so many fonts that I keep in my house that I don’t own the rights to and theres too many to even keep track of. You can download free fonts for free for your own personal use.

With the introduction of free fonts, the hidden font fetish is back. You can download fonts for free if you’re willing to share them. This is one of those times where I want to thank free fonts. They give great value to creators who use them because they open the door for folks to use fonts in creative ways. I’ve been using fonts like this since the 90s when I was first starting out.

I was talking to a client today and said “I need a nice font.” I mean, fonts are like the most important part of a website. They’re the typeface that draws your visitors in. They’re the typeface that makes your website look and feel good. They make the words, the images, the text and whatnot all come together when you use the right types of fonts. The more diverse the fonts, the more visually engaging your website is likely to be.

Some fonts, like Microsoft Word and Microsoft IE, don’t have “spots” or “boxes” in the font definition that make it impossible to read or type. This is why you see some designers use a font for a typeface that isn’t actually a font. This is also why the use of certain fonts like sans-serifs (like those from Apple) can be jarring to read.

It’s a good idea to choose fonts that are at least legible. This prevents your visitors from being able to only see a portion of text, or the typeface is too small, and can therefore make it very difficult to read text at a glance. This is a good thing.

I have been using fontawesome.sans-serifs for a while, and I find that it is a great way to get a little more legibility into my web pages. Its all about making sure the typefaces are legible enough so that people can easily read the text.

In this case, the text is in small caps (a typeface that uses different characters in different fonts), so I’m guessing you can’t read the text at a glance. The only way to get a legible readable text is to use a monospace font. Monospace fonts are fonts that use different characters in different fonts.

I think most people who are used to reading text in normal font faces, will find that they can read the text in smaller caps. As for the other typefaces, Im probably not going to use them because you can’t read them at a glance, but I still think they’re a good idea.