20 Fun Facts About female who killed and ate her child


I was reading a post on Facebook about a woman who killed her child and ate it. The post was heartbreaking. The women was a mother who had a young son and her husband had given her a baby daughter, and the daughter was only about a year old. Apparently, she started to feed her on her own and began to lose weight and get sick. She asked her husband to take her to the hospital but he refused because he did not want the baby to suffer.

After the husband refused, she attacked him, and she bit him in the neck. The husband then called the police.

The police found the husband and took the husband to the hospital.

The husband was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

The wife, a woman in her mid-40s, was found dead in her home by her husband’s sister. The police believe she was murdered after her baby daughter was found by her husband. The husband had left the baby with the sister, who was caring for her but also trying to make sure she didn’t make a fuss.

That’s not the only thing that happened to this woman in her 40s. She also killed her son, and she also ate her son. The only difference is that the son was not eating and was just sleeping in his crib.

The story of this woman is an interesting one. She had a son who was born around the time of the Civil War, and she tried to make sure he didn’t get killed. She made a pact with the Confederate, saying that if he left her son for the Union, he’d die. She had been living for awhile in Northern Ohio, and found herself in the middle of a major riot after she had the baby.

After eating the child, she became paranoid that he was still alive and killed him. She went on to kill her son’s father, and also her own child, before eating him. The only difference is that she was doing this out of self-defense.

She’s a female who was raised in a small town. She eventually learned to kill people and eat their children. Because she was raised in a small town, she was taught to kill people out of self-defense, and to eat them at times as well. She’s not the only female from that town that’s been eating people at times.

We also see, in death-trailer footage, how the father of one of her sons tried to murder her, and how she killed him with a knife. The father’s name is William, and the father was the father of her youngest son, Edward. This is a reference to the infamous ‘Gotham’ killer, who was also a mother.