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A woman living in the greater NJ area was recently charged with murder after her dog bit a child. The girl was between her parents. The dog was not named, but it is believed to be a Pit Bull.

The video of the incident was shared online by an individual claiming to be the child. It is unknown whether the video was genuine, or if it was simply a hoax, or if the two are related. It is also unknown whether the dog was in need of medical attention, or if it was just out of the ordinary for a Pit Bull.

This is the second time in a month that a Pit Bull has been charged with biting a child. The first instance, in a case that also involves a young child, occurred in May of this year in Pennsylvania when a Pit Bull bit a 4 year old boy’s finger. The second incident, this time in New Jersey, was in February of this year when a woman was charged with manslaughter after a Pit Bull bit her child.

In both of these incidents the dog was a Pit Bull belonging to the woman’s boyfriend. A Pit Bull is a dog that is very intelligent, protective, and aggressive. Pit Bulls are most commonly associated with urban and suburban environments. However, they are most certainly not the only dogs that are capable of such behavior. In fact, most dogs will bite someone if they’re in need of medical attention.

Thats why a Pit Bull is a good dog in general, but the fact that the child was bitten by a Pit Bull is a very bad thing. For a dog to kill a child, it has to be a very low-life type of dog that the child would never have seen coming. The child was a toddler and it was very unlikely that the dog would have been able to catch him in the act before he could bite him.

Now that we know that the dog was a Pit Bull, we need to decide whether or not the dog was responsible for the child’s death. If it was, then that dog will be severely punished for the crime. If the dog was a Pit Bull that was just looking for a playmate, the dog will be okay.

The dog was actually a mixed breed and the child was a mixed breed. The dog was an aggressive dog that would have been trained to bite if it couldn’t find a playmate, but it wasn’t trained to bite when it should’ve. The dog was also not wearing its collar when it was chasing the little girl, so the dog wasn’t necessarily on the lookout for a human.

The only thing the dog was trained to do was to attack people. The dog has been put on a leash and is in the dog park, but is not actually in control of the situation. The dog has been hit with a stick because it was acting aggressively while being chased by the little girl, but the dog hasnt been hit with the stick. These facts are not in dispute. The dog is not guilty of anything, and the child is fine.

It is still a crime, even after the fact, to hit a child as a way of making them behave. This is why the law is on the books to protect citizens from being attacked.

While the situation is tragic, there are plenty of other tragic scenarios out there that justify the law. In the case of this dog, the parents werent trying to make the child behave, they were trying to protect the child from the dog. The dog was acting aggressively trying to run away from the little girl, but the little girl was actually trying to protect herself and the dog from the little girl. This is the tragic thing about the law, its the law that has no place in reality.