cost of living in tijuana: What No One Is Talking About


One thing that I have learned about the cost of living in Tijuana is that it is a very expensive place to live. Many Americans tend to feel that the cost of living in Mexico is much much higher than it is. This is not true. I am lucky to live in Tijuana, but the truth is that a good portion of what I pay in rent, including utilities, is not much more than what I would pay in a much more expensive city.

I’m talking specifically about the cost of food. This is very hard to quantify because it’s a very wide variety of foods and eating habits that have to be considered.

However, there are statistics that point to the fact that the cost of food is not the most important factor when it comes to the cost of living in Tijuana. While some of the other factors that make living in Tijuana so expensive are transportation costs, taxes, cost of education, and crime rates, the cost of food tends to come down the most as you move farther away from the capital city.

The other things that make living in Tijuana expensive are the cost of housing and even the cost of food. The problem is that while there is a wide range of prices for housing, there are also a wide range of prices for food. This means that the cost of food varies, and it is very hard to see a direct correlation.

This is especially true for Mexican restaurants. Because this is a foreign country, the menus tend to be expensive because the prices are determined by the cost of the ingredients. The costs for food in Tijuana are very high. The daily menu at one of the many restaurants I’ve eaten in can be as much as three times that of a pizza.

The problem is that many people in America like to just eat and be left alone. The idea that you can walk into a restaurant and sit down and just order a pizza and never see it again is a complete myth. A pizza in Tijuana costs about the same as a dollar. While this might seem like a small price, it is much more than the cost of a burger here in the United States.

The problem is that just eating at a restaurant isn’t the same as going to a movie theater or a baseball game. In fact, that’s the problem with Tijuana. It’s a border town. The people here work very hard to not only survive but to keep up with what is considered normal here. They’re the exception to the rule. Most of the people who live in Tijuana have not even left their homes for three years.

I have seen this before on the internet. Ive seen photos of people eating at fast food places. Its a common scene, and its the same in Tijuana. But the problem is if you take it to the extreme, you can get people eating in McDonalds. It is very common. A lot of people in Tijuana do this, and it is very bad.

I have seen this before as well, but not the extreme kind. Ive seen a person making the exact same comment, and he has been in Tijuana for about two months. In Tijuana, there are no McDonalds or Burger King so people eat fast food to get through the day. Ive seen this before, and it is very bad.

I remember a time where I was in Tijuana and I was in a restaurant and I was eating and the guy behind me looked at me and said, “I bet you have a lot of problems in that place.” I was like, “No, I’m fine.” But the guy looked at me and kept talking, “You have a lot of problems in that place.