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I grew up in a small town in Missouri. At the age of ten I was introduced to the casino gambling industry. These days, my state has casinos, as do most states, but they are not in my home state, Missouri. My state is located in the middle of all the states that have legalized gambling, along with Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, and Kentucky. I lived in a small town and was surrounded by casinos.

This is a fact that was not lost on me. The last time I visited the casinos was when I was in high school and in college. I got hooked. I still visit the casinos, but only when I’m working in Las Vegas on a vacation.

It was there that I first learned of the phenomenon of casinos in my state. You can’t get a casino table at a strip club. You have to find someone who can get you a slot machine. The casinos are very sophisticated and have very high stakes, but its a different experience than just playing slots. I still visit the casinos on occasion, but only because I’m working in Las Vegas.

It’s really not that hard to get into a casino. You just have to be able to type in the right combination of letters on your phone without a lot of trouble. It’s a lot easier to do that in a video slot machine than it is in a casino. But these casinos can be very intimidating, and the games can be pretty serious.

Its worth noting that when I went to Vegas, I didn’t bring my own casino chips with me because they wanted to know that I was a real person. But here in the state of Texas, they do not want to question someone like me and they are very, very strict about it.

Well, apparently I am a real person, and I should have brought the chips with me. I guess I’ll just have to get used to making calls on the iPhone and make sure I use the right combinations to get everything right.

To make matters worse, there are casinos just 10 miles north of Amarillo, and they are pretty much the same as the ones in Vegas. So I guess I should have just kept calling.

Well, you just have to ask yourself, “If you had the chance to play in these casinos, would you give it up for a few hours?” That’s a pretty stupid question to ask the gambling addicts in Las Vegas, but maybe it’s a good one to ask yourself in Amarillo.

I have no problem with casinos in the same city as me, and I have no problem with anyone else playing at them. I am not in a position to judge or make a decision.