How to Explain brain shutting down to Your Mom


I know this all sounds crazy, but it is true. When you shut down the brain, you are less able to think rationally, you are less able to make sound decisions, and you are less able to make decisions that have lasting and positive consequences.

Brain shutting down is what happens when the body shuts down completely. A brain is a very complex and adaptive machine that doesn’t work all that well when the body isn’t functioning well. Brain shutting down happens when you are asleep, but when you are waking up in a new place, you are still getting a lot of information from your senses, but you are less able to make sense of it all.

Brain shutting down is what happens when your brain shuts down completely, and I can’t think of any other reason why you would want to be asleep when you are awake. But the only way to fix this is to wake up.

The brain is a very complex organ, and the more we learn about it, the more we are able to understand how the brain works, so when you have a brain that is shutting down, it is because something is preventing you from processing all the information you are getting.

To understand the brain, we need to know a little bit about it’s function. The human brain is made up of two parts, the brain stem and the cerebellum which is located in the lower part of the brain. The brain stem is the central brain region, while the cerebellum, is the region that controls fine motor movements. When a child is born and begins to develop, the brain stem will grow to include the cerebrum and cerebellum.

As a child grows, their brain stem will start to develop brain stem functions. The first and most important function that the brain stem will have will be the control of speech. The first words you learn to speak are actually the words that you use when you get your first crush. With the help of a good teacher it is possible to make your first words sound like the first words in most books.

By the time you are 6 your brain has enough of the words that you learned to make you speak. If you are 6, you probably have no idea how to think. You have no idea how to form sentences. You are a complete idiot.

Brain shutting down is something that happens a lot in people who have gone through puberty. Some people will find that they are unable to speak more than a few words. Others will find that they are unable to think or speak more than a few words at a time. So, what do you do to overcome this? Well, your brain shuts down. You are not able to form any words or thoughts.

People with a brain-shutdown don’t actually shut down. They just think that they have stopped thinking and speaking. The problem is the person may still be able to move around, but they are mentally disabled. Most of the time people who have brain shut downs do not have any medical issues, but rather have a variety of neurological disorders.

Brain shut downs are more like seizures than physical shutdowns, but the medical term is still used. When you do not speak, you often do not understand what you are saying, and your speech may not be clear at all. Often the person will say something, but the person cannot understand or remember what they said. A person may also say, “I am not able to understand you” at that exact moment, but will try to explain what they meant.