15 Up-and-Coming back to top icon Bloggers You Need to Watch


You are probably wondering why I am talking about back to top, right? I know back to top is a common feature on blogs and websites all the time, but I am referring to something more specific. Back to top is a feature that is built into the back button on most search engines. When you click back, you are returned to the search results, so that you can see the most recent results, and perhaps browse through the site more thoroughly if you need a refresher.

The back button is pretty common, and it is one of the things that I hate about Google. It’s one of the reasons I don’t use it on my website. A more useful back button would be one that is built into the side bar that has a little arrow and a button that says “jump to top.

For me, it’s a little annoying that I have to scroll down my page before I see where I was, and then back up again to see the most recent results. I also hate the pop-up that says “more results” when I already see the most recent results. I hope that Apple will one day add that functionality to their Safari browser.

I hope that they do. It would be so much more useful than the little pop-up that I just described.

The more I think about Apple, the more I think it’s a great idea. I’m not a huge Apple fan, but if I could be an Apple fan, I’d pick their browser over anything else. It’s just so much more customizable, and so seamless to work with.

What I would really like to see is a Safari browser with a “back” button. It would be so much more convenient to use the back button and then have the pop-up that says more results when you already see the most recent results go away.

This is a problem that Apple has tried to solve in their recent browser improvements, but has yet to fully implement. That’s a shame because Safari has a very powerful native-like feature which is so much more convenient than the browser-based solutions that the web is currently using.

The problem is that the Safari browser is a little slow. The back button works great for Safari, but it’s a pain on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Apple is working on a new “native” back button called the “pop-up” which will be a lot faster. It may also be a little less buggy. I’m hoping it will make a comeback on IE9.

Safari is in my opinion the best of the three browsers for surfing the web on a tablet. The only real drawback is that Chrome and Firefox are the slowest of the three. But most of the other browsers in my opinion are less than perfect. Its a good opportunity to see what kind of browser Apple has in the works, and if they can get it to work like Safari.

This is one of those things that doesn’t have an easy answer. But I bet that iOS will be the winner in my book.